Social Impact

  • Our biggest social impact is youth and female empowerment through Employment and Training. We operate in an environment with high unemployment rates for young people and especially for young women. Our staff is mostly young university graduates who are always faced with the peculiar problems of being too young and/or lacking experience for the job market.
  • At Rhemedia we believe that most young people have a lot more to offer than we credit them for. And that is why we hire just out of school university graduates. For most of our staff Rhemedia is a first job and even though young, they usually start looking after their families in the first year of employment. They become economically empowered and financially independent.
  • 70% of our staff is mostly women. In a market where most companies are skeptical about hiring young women, Rhemedia believes that empowering women is a sure way of improving society.
  • To these young minds, we offer extensive training at the start of their careers with us and annually thereafter. We offer training in skills such as customer relationship management, telecommunications products and services, office management, designing advertising materials. For every one person we actually hire, we train 2. As such even though we might not hire them eventually, they have been equipped with very marketable tools to make them more employable.
  • Our business thrives on the passion, enthusiasm and diversity of these young people and it is a mission for us to grow and mold their minds positively!