Who Are We?

Quick Facts

  • After working with companies in Canada and Africa in the field of Marketing and customer relations for more than 10 years, Roger realized that there was a huge need for a more integrated solutions to customer relationship management.
  • Being a young man himself (we are young till we are 99, right?) and living in a society with high rates of unemployment, Roger saw that developing impact sourcing centers will meet a need of the large corporations in Cameroon and beyond as well as help curb unemployment.
  • And so in 2011 Rhemedia was born and by 2012 we had acquired VAS licenses and all relevant authorizations from Cameroon Telecommunication Regulatory Body
  • Rhemedia is built around the mission “Delivering Excellence with Passion”
  • Roger is a fan of the Indomitable Lions of Cameroon and in his free time continues to play semi professional soccer.
  • His passion for all things football led him and some friends to create the www.camfoot.com webpage.